Laura T. Wilson has been a creative all her life. Her mother, Veronica recognized her natural creative gifts and encouraged her to express her talents without limitations. Laura spent hours with her mom watching artists like Bill Alexander, Bob Ross, and Gary Jenkins. Her artistic abilities manifested through sketching, painting, writing, baking, elaborate costume design, and other crafts. In 2003 she received her A.A.S in Digital Media Communications from Katharine Gibbs School. She has utilized her degree and design knowledge extensively over the years for numerous people and events. She continued to add to her creative skillset when she moved out of NY by learning to crochet, latch hook and macramé.

In 2020 she got back into painting after not doing so for years. Painting helped her maintain her sanity through the pandemic and even more so after the tragic loss of her mother to cancer. In the midst of her mourning, she gained peace through painting, and started facilitating virtual paint classes for people all over the country who were struggling for a sense of normalcy during the difficult season.

Today she continues to draw on her multitude of talents and interests to explore artistic expressions and emergent technologies. Her first oil painting, "Auset Alqamar (Isis of the Moon)" was proudly on display at Grand Rapids City Hall during the ArtPrize competition September 16 - October 3, 2021.